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‘We Need to Focus On People As Well’ – Kate B. Little Boy interviews Catherine Flowers September 17, 2020

‘We Need to Focus On People As Well’ In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, access to sanitation still isn’t a guarantee. Catherine Coleman Flowers has been working to fix that. KATE B. LITTLEBOY AUTUMN 2020 – EarthIsland.org Catherine Coleman Flowers grew up in rural Lowndes County, Alabama… Read more

Environmental Justice for All Act September 11, 2020

The Center for Earth Ethics has been participating in the Climate Crisis Policy review of climate bills and legislation for 2021.  This week, CCP discussed the Environmental Justice for All Act.  If you missed the CCP call and would like to learn more about this legislation, you can join the… Read more

What Can You Do to Fight the Climate Crisis? September 7, 2020

With 60 Days to Save the Earth… Catherine Flowers among experts interviewed for the Guardian. Individual acts alone won’t stop the climate crisis, but there are things we can do. We asked experts what they do in their daily lives to make a difference. Valerie Yurk in Washington, Published: Wed… Read more

‘Putting Justice and Human Rights First in the US’ breakout with Catherine Flowers – Climate Reality September 1, 2020

In Climate Reality’s Putting Justice and Human Rights First in the US breakout session, you can hear directly from climate and environmental justice leaders to better understand the history of injustice in the United States and the way forward in the fight for climate and social justice. Tune in to… Read more

Marching Toward Change – Faith & Governance in the Movement for THE RIGHTS OF NATURE August 17, 2020

Mari Margil on Rights of Nature – Read the complete text published by the Center for Humans and Nature. Our insistence that each human being is an image of God should not make us overlook the fact that each creature has its own purpose. None is superfluous. The entire material… Read more

Born Country but Raised an Activist: Catherine Coleman Flowers of the Biden Climate Task Force Uncovers “America’s Dirty Secret” n “Bloody Lowndes,” Alabama August 11, 2020

By Sienna Zuco for Global Climate Pledge “Because I’m country!” Said Catherine Coleman Flowers when asked why she was passionate about working for rural communities as an environmental justice advocate. Growing up in the “Black Belt” region of Alabama, which is known for its rich dark soil, Flowers fell in love… Read more

Saying Goodbye – In Memoriam 2020 August 10, 2020

2020 has been a year of loss.  Even before the pandemic, we were grieving for our planet. We were grieving for loss of species, for children in cages, for the disparity in our world. But the last few months have been wrought with heartbreaks from Covid-19 to George Floyd to… Read more

In Alabama, racial disparities in health outcomes predate the pandemic: Catherine Flowers on PBS News Hour July 28, 2020

In Alabama, doctors and nurses are seeing record numbers of hospitalizations associated with COVID-19. The state has reported more than 1,300 deaths since the pandemic began. But certain regions and populations within the state are faring far worse than others — and huge health disparities among Black residents are causing… Read more

Climate Equity and Inclusion July 1, 2020

by Catherine Flowers Published June 22nd 2020 on World War Zero When people think about climate change and environmentalism, the image that comes to mind is a polar bear on a melting block of ice. However, that image neglects to include people, especially living in communities that are suffering from lack of… Read more

Catherine Flowers recognized among Black Climate Scientists & Scholars “Changing the World” June 15, 2020

Excerpts from “The Black Climate Scientists and Scholars Changing the World” by SOPHIE HIRSH. Read the Full Article on Green Matters. Environmentalism is intersectional — to effectively protect our planet and fight the climate crisis, we must also fight for the rights of marginalized groups around the world, especially those… Read more

Catherine Coleman Flowers appointed to ‘Unity’ Task Force on Climate Change May 21, 2020

Moved by a visit to Lowndes County, Alabama, Bernie Sanders has appointed Catherine Coleman Flowers, Founder of the Center for Rural Enterprise and Environmental Justice (CREEJ) and CEE Fellow on Environmental Justice and Civic Engagement to the ‘Unity’ Task Force on Climate Change. Flowers has been shining a spotlight for… Read more

Mindahi Bastida and Tiokasin Ghosthorse join other indigenous voices contributing to National Geographic Corona Virus Coverage May 20, 2020

Traditional indigenous beliefs are a powerful tool for understanding the pandemic Native American spiritual leaders say this is a time to recalibrate for a better future. BY RACHEL HARTIGAN SHEA PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOSUÉ RIVAS Read the complete article at National Geographic online – May 12, 2020 *** ‘Blood memory’ For indigenous people,… Read more

Press Release: CEE Teams up with Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center to launch “Earth Stanzas” April 17, 2020

Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and Kent State University’s Wick Poetry Center launch “Earth Stanzas,” an interactive online Earth Day Poetry Project April 17, 2020 New York, NY / Kent, OH The Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary and the Wick Poetry Center at Kent… Read more

“Holy Land, Living Water” – Convening Celebrates UN WIHW 2020 March 24, 2020

Let the Parliament of the World’s Religions take you on a journey through story, videos and photos of an interfaith pilgrimage to remember the Sacredness of Water & the power of connecting with Sacred Sites of every faith. *** Program Blog Posted In:  World Interfaith Harmony Week 03. 11. 2020 By  Parliament… Read more

Columbia World Leaders Forum with Sanna Marin, moderated by Karenna Gore March 19, 2020

This World Leaders Forum program featured an address, “The Climate Neutral Welfare Society: Is it the Model of the Future?”, by Ms. Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland followed by a question and answer session with the audience. Introduction and Welcome by: Alexander N. Halliday, Director, The… Read more

Sanna Marinin luennolle jonotettiin sateessa New Yorkissa – ”Viimeksi Jay-Z oli näin suosittu” March 15, 2020

Originally Published March 7, 2020  – Ilta~Sanomat, Finnish with English translation available The audience praised the Finnish Prime Minister for her standing. Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s (sd) lecture on Friday caused a public outcry at Columbia University in New York. Watch the video for the full performance of Sanna Marin at Columbia… Read more

Clergy From Around the Planet Gathered to Pray for the Environment at Megiddo National Park February 9, 2020

By David Israel / 12 Shevat 5780 – February 7, 2020 Originally Published by the Jewish Press. Photo Credit: Lucy Yosef / Israel Nature and Parks Authority Clergy from around the planet pray at Megiddo National Park, Thursday, Feb. 6, 2020  A delegation of ninety-four senior clerics from around the… Read more


Flashback to 2018… Karenna Gore interviewed by LINYEE YUAN. LinYee Yuan is the founder and editor of MOLD. Through original reporting, MOLD explores how designers can address the coming food crisis by creating products and systems that will help feed 9 billion people by the year 2050. “When we frame… Read more

Successful Seminar “Indigenous Knowledge for Integral Water Management in Latin America and the Caribbean” January 7, 2020

Report on “Indigenous Knowledge for Integral Water Management in Latin America and the Caribbean ” Manaus, Brazil August 8-9 from CODIA.  CEE’s Mindahi Bastida was pleased to participate (see photo below). CODIA, September 6, 2019 Within the framework of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, UNESCO convened leaders from Panama,… Read more

Parenting in the Time of Climate Change Part I: Karenna Gore on Parenting Through Climate Anxiety December 3, 2019

Cindy Wang Brandt interviewed CEE Director Karenna Gore on Parenting through Climate Anxiety as part of her series on Parenting Forward.   The author covers topics concerning raising spiritual children without trauma, re-examining faith with embodied values and concerns for a better future. Show Description: “I talk with Karenna Gore, Director… Read more

Catherine Flowers Op-Ed for Alabama Voices: Give Alabamians the freedom of solar choice December 3, 2019

Catherine Coleman Flowers – Special to the Advertiser Originally Published 1:12 PM EST Dec 3, 2019 to the Montgomery Advertiser Photo: Solar panels on Ireland Farms in Alpine, Ala., are seen on Wednesday September 25, 2019. Mickey Welsh / Advertiser ————————————- Imagine if every time you picked a peach off of… Read more

Alabama Voices: Two million Americans are in a water crisis; some of them are your neighbors November 22, 2019

Catherine Flowers and George McGraw – Special to the Advertiser Originally Published 9:00 AM EST Nov 22, 2019 to the Montgomery Advertiser Scenes from Lowndes County, where only 20 percent of homes are connected to sewer systems. In the Black Belt running through Alabama and Mississippi, the dark, clay soil that… Read more

Karenna Gore participates in interfaith climate event in Recife November 8, 2019

Originally published in Portuguese DIÁRIO DE PERNAMBUCO – 8NOV19 Interview with Karenna Gore By: Sérgio Xavier STILL INCONVENIENT TRUTHS Karenna Gore participates in interfaith event about the climate in Recife and talks about the global challenges of sustainable development Reversing environmental degradations on planetary scales, containing global warming and eliminating immense… Read more

CEE’s Karenna Gore at Interfaith Ceremony for Climate at Kahal Zur Israel – Recife, Brazil November 6, 2019

Karenna Gore, Director of Center for Earth Ethics, will join Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous Leaders to Host a Multi-Religious Event for Climate Protection at the Americas’ Oldest Synagogue, Kahal Zur Israel, in Recife, Brazil on Friday, November 8, at 2:30 pm, on Bom Jesus street, near Marco Zero,… Read more

Simple Gifts for Mother Earth: A beautiful way to kick off Climate Week November 4, 2019

On the eve of Climate Week we gathered in an historic meeting house church on the New Haven Green to center ourselves, align our intentions for the days ahead and to be reminded of why we gather at this time, and what’s at stake. Invocation – Tiokasin Ghosthorse What we… Read more