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Faith + Food Coalition to Issue Interfaith Statement before UN Food Summit September 16, 2021

“Food is both a building block of life and a basic human right.” This fundamental truth underpins the “Interfaith Statement” for the United Nations Food Systems Summit, which will be presented at a virtual launch on Friday, September 17, at 11 a.m. EDT. REGISTER NOW The Statement is the culmination… Read more

“Planting Seeds for Change”: Faith + Food Global Online Forum on July 27 July 22, 2021

What are the impacts of our global food systems on people and the planet? What can we learn from Indigenous communities and traditional food practices? How can a respect for faith and values make food systems more healthy, sustainable, and equitable? To help answer these questions, the Faith + Food… Read more

Gore Speaks about Faith Communities, Values, and Development at G20 Interfaith Forum July 20, 2021

On Wednesday, July 14, Karenna Gore, executive director of the Center for Earth Ethics, was a panelist at a webinar, “Interfaith Initiatives to Achieve the Agenda 2030 Environmental Goals,” sponsored by the G20 Interfaith Forum. The other panelists were Arthur Dahl, president of the International Environment Forum, and Astrid Shomaker,… Read more

UN Environment Programme Grants Accreditation to CEE and Union July 9, 2021

The United Nations Environment Programme has accredited Union Theological Seminary through the Center for Earth Ethics. Accreditation grants Union observer status and other privileges at the United Nations Environment Assembly and its subsidiaries. The Center for Earth Ethics initiated the accreditation process and is Union’s official connection with this UN… Read more

Union Theological Seminary Climate Emergency Community Assembly April 6, 2021

When: April 22nd and 23rd, 2021 2:00 – 4:30 pm As you may have heard, Union has recently declared a climate emergency, being the first seminary in the world to do so. The declaration commits Union to adopting a climate mobilization plan with the goal of eliminating our school’s carbon… Read more

White House Announces Environmental Justice Advisory Council Members including Catherine Coleman Flowers March 31, 2021

MARCH 29, 2021 • STATEMENTS AND RELEASES Today, the White House announced the members of the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council. The advisory council will provide advice and recommendations to the Chair of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) and the White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council on how to address… Read more

Water, Sanitation and Inequality in the US – Catherine Coleman Flowers project with The Guardian March 12, 2021

Help us Investigate Sanitation Inequality in the US March 9, 2021 Categories: Public Programs & Events We know that access to sanitation – just like access to clean air and water – is so often divided along race and class lines. But while there’s never been more awareness that environmental racism… Read more

Catherine Flowers and her fight for environmental justice in Alabama February 22, 2021

In parts of the American south, many homes don’t have access to working waste treatment – something activist Catherine Flowers is fighting to change  How to listen to podcasts: everything you need to know Presented by Rachel Humphreys with Catherine Flowers; produced by Joshan Chana, Rhi Storer, and Pulama Kaufman; executive producers Nicole… Read more

The Stench of American Neglect February 8, 2021

by Caroline Fraser for The New York Review In her new book, the activist Catherine Coleman Flowers chronicles her efforts to expose criminally deficient sanitation in her home county of Lowndes, Alabama and around the US. February 25, 2021 issue In 1941 Walker Evans, a photographer, and James Agee, a… Read more

Bridging the rural divide February 7, 2021

OPINION | ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT – THE HILL Catherine Coleman Flowers   The deep divide between rural and urban communities is a polarization that has been exemplified by coronavirus, climate change and economic despair. It is estimated that approximately 60 million people live in rural America. Most of the landmass of the… Read more

‘Big Tent’ Environmental Justice Plan Looks Past Racial Divides February 6, 2021

Environment and Energy Report, Feb. 5, 2021, Bloomberg Law reporting by Dean Scott and Stephen Lee in Washington, Editor: Rebecca Baker   Environmental justice advocates are looking to link communities of color with experience fighting industrial polluters and landfills with polluted communities in Appalachia—a “big tent,” strength-in-numbers approach they say… Read more

Catherine Flowers among “Women who are changing Alabama for the better” February 5, 2021

Thursday, February 4th, 2021, www.ThisisAlabama.org By Amber Sutton For the past six years, Women Who Shape the State has honored women from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, including politics, enterprise, social work and more, with one thing in common — a positive impact on Alabama. Whether it’s by advocating for… Read more

How to Fix the Climate January 25, 2021

Catherine Coleman Flowers offers a response to the Boston Review Forum on ‘How to Fix the Climate’. “The people least responsible for climate change are the most impacted. We must prioritize exposed, fence-line, frontline, and vulnerable communities.” Living in Alabama, a state bordered by the Gulf Coast, it is hard… Read more

Faith and Climate Crisis in the Biden Administration January 25, 2021

In a Video Recorded for FÉ NO CLIMA, Center for Earth Ethics director Karenna Gore comments on the approximation between Faith and the Climate Crisis in the Biden Administration. The founder and director of the Center for Earth Ethics at the Union’s Theological Seminary in New York, Karenna Gore, believes that the… Read more

Battling America’s ‘dirty secret’ January 7, 2021

Climate change raises the risk from failing sewage systems. So Catherine Coleman Flowers is working for a new way to deal with waste. Originally published DECEMBER 17, 2020 by Sarah Kaplan for the Washington Post – Climate Solutions. LOWNDES COUNTY, Ala. — To Catherine Coleman Flowers, this is “holy ground”: the… Read more

Faith groups have a key role to play in reducing climate-linked violence December 20, 2020

Originally published December 18th by Brian Lowe for Earthbeat: a project of National Catholic Reporter at NCR Online. *** By now it’s well understood that climate change leads to rising seas and rising temperatures. It is also increasingly linked to rising conflicts. In 2014, the Pentagon issued a major report that referred… Read more