Akin, Issue I

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About Akin, Issue I

Akin: Mobilizing for Biodiversity at and Beyond the UN is the first zine publication by the Center for Earth Ethics. As the climate crisis looms over our collective consciousness, it is more critical than ever to investigate the various aspects that make the climate crisis what it is. One key aspect of this is biodiversity and its decline as a result of human-led climate change. The Center is greatly concerned with the average 69% decline in global biodiversity and its effect on all living and non-living matter on Earth. Simultaneously, the Center often looks to, works with, and follows the UN’s instruments, like the Convention on Biological Diversity COPs, which work to uplift biodiversity as a key area of work within the UN’s apparatus. It is more critical than ever to engage the UN system to support matters related to biodiversity. However, the UN is not without its own challenges which Akin seeks to address. 

On a larger scale, Akin and the Center are deeply committed to addressing the fraught relationship between humans and the environment. Since time immemorial, humans have lived in tune with the Earth through its cycles and changes developing reciprocal relationships that mostly survive today within Indigenous communities. We believe that the current relationship between humans and their perception of nature is laden with modern notions of extractionism and needs healing. Investigating and discussing the relationship between humans and nature is a key element of Akin

Akin seeks to highlight current work to protect and mobilize for biodiversity at and beyond the UN. This zine is not meant to be exhaustive. In fact we believe it cannot be, but we hope to offer insight into biodiversity and the COP process. 

With gratitude to our editors Karenna Gore, Andrew Schwartz and Tim Cross; and our Publishing and Support team Shannon Michaela Doree Smith and Ned Joyner; we welcome you dear reader and hope you enjoy this first issue of Akin.

Aja Two Crows and Alyssa Ng
Editors in Chief

Akin is a creative and collaborative project of the Center for Earth Ethics. It is intended to express opinion and any facts are cited in the endnotes. 

Picture of Aja Two Crows

Aja Two Crows

Aja Two Crows is a project manager at the Center for Earth Ethics.

Picture of Alyssa Ng

Alyssa Ng

Alyssa Ng is a research and policy associate at the Center for Earth Ethics.