Akin, Issue II

About Akin, Issue II

Reclaiming Balance through Ecosystem Restoration is the second installment of Akin

The crises of biodiversity loss and climate change are daunting and more pressing than ever. As land, soil and water degrade, and flora and fauna species go extinct, the connection between humans and the Earth is at risk. A disconnect between humans and nature is fueling these global crises. This issue interrogates the ethical and value systems that have led to these interconnected crises. We must recalibrate our values if we hope to resolve these pressing global issues. 

Ecological restoration—efforts to repair damaged ecosystems or maintain existing ones—is a powerful vehicle to restore one’s relationship with the Earth, strengthening the ties that hold communities together in the process. Restoration projects that recognize and integrate values, culture and spirituality not only help foster deeper layers of meaning and connection—but also are better positioned for long-term success. This process enriches community life, rekindling forgotten, suppressed or neglected traditions and rituals. To develop and reclaim these biocultural relationships, many look to the leadership Indigenous communities, who have been caring for and honoring the Earth for generations. 

On a deeper level, Akin and CEE are committed to addressing the fraught relationship between humans and the environment. Since time immemorial, humans have lived in harmony with the Earth through its cycles and changes. Many of the ancient traditions that have historically safeguarded ethics of reciprocity and mutuality between humans and the environment survive today mostly within Indigenous communities. By contrast, most modern peoples’ relationship with the natural world is predicated on an extractive and exploitative dispensation. In order to transform and heal this relationship, we must investigate and discuss this destructive mentality, from its origins to its present day ramifications. 

With gratitude to our editors Karenna Gore, Andrew Schwartz, Tim Cross and Ned Joyner; our contributors: Gopal Patel, Ned Joyner, Shannon M.D. Smith, and Andrew Schwartz; we welcome you dear reader and hope you enjoy the second issue of Akin.

The first issue, Mobilizing for Biodiversity At and Beyond the UN, was released in 2023. 

Aja Two Crows and Alyssa Ng
Editors in Chief

Akin is a creative and collaborative project of the Center for Earth Ethics. It is intended to express opinion and any facts are cited in the endnotes.

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Aja Two Crows

Aja Two Crows is a project manager at the Center for Earth Ethics.

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Alyssa Ng

Alyssa Ng is a research and policy associate at the Center for Earth Ethics.