The Right to a Healthy Environment

DOWNLOAD PDF SUMMARY: The momentum for recognizing the human right to a healthy environment has grown significantly over the past several decades. It has been recognized by national, local and international jurisdictions around the world, but in the U.S., only three states have integrated it into their constitutions. The right can be achieved through litigation, decarbonization policies and securing the rights of nature. Local, National and International Recognition Every individual,

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Welcome to “Akin”!

Welcome to “Akin”! The Center for Earth Ethics is excited to announce the publication of our first zine, Akin, a project conceived and written by  CEE’s Aja Two Crows and Alyssa Ng. The inaugural issue explores the successes and shortcomings of the United Nations’ efforts to support biodiversity as a critical aspect of all life on Earth. (Click the flipbook below to access.) The issue includes … “A COP Glossary” — an

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Betty Lyons

Freedom of Religion or Belief: Betty Lyons’ Remarks on the UN Special Rapporteur’s Report

Editor’s Note: On October 26, 2022, the Center for Earth Ethics hosted a forum of Indigenous and global leaders to discuss the key findings and recommendations of the report “Indigenous Peoples and the Right to Freedom of Religion or Belief.” This report was presented to the United Nations by Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief Ahmed Shaheed. Speakers included Fred Davie, Roberto Múkaro Borrero, Betty Lyons, Chief Dwaine

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Financing Restoration: The Africa Climate Summit Through the Eyes of a Youth Climate Champion

Michael Kakande, a youth climate advocate who lives in Kampala, Uganda, is a passionate certified climate reality leader and climate-induced migration expert, mobilizing youth to lead on nature and climate. He is the founder and chairperson of the Resilient 40 (R40), an African youth partnership toward climate resilience on the African continent. When we met for our conversation, he had recently returned from the Africa Climate Summit (ACS), which he

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Protecting the ‘Sacred Place where Life Begins’: Bernadette Demientieff and ‘Freedom to Be’

The Center for Earth Ethics stands with the Gwich’in Nation celebrating the decision of President Biden and Secretary of the Interior Haaland to protect “the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – land sacred to the Gwich’in and the birthing grounds to the Porcupine Caribou Herd.” CEE was honored to welcome Gwitch’in Steering Committee President, Bernadette Demientieff to share remarks in the center’s first ‘Freedom to Be’ event discussing the rights

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Confronting the Anthropocentric Mindset: Women, Faith and Climate Change

Earlier this month, Wilton Park, a U.K.-based center that convenes dialogues that address complex global challenges, hosted “Women, Faith and Climate Change: Working together to move faster on climate change,” a dialogue organized by Global One 2015 and Partnership for Faith and Development. The event gathered women leaders and male allies, both in the secular and faith sectors, to amplify women-led efforts, dismantle organizational silos and formulate strategies to combat

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