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As part of our ongoing support of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the Center for Earth Ethics has produced two comprehensive reports: “Values, Culture and Spirituality: Ecosystem Restoration Conversation Guide” (2022) and “Roots for Change: Using Values Culture and Spirituality to Restore Ecosystems” (2024). Both publications emphasize the crucial role of values, culture and spirituality in anchoring and accelerating successful restoration projects. They also provide a roadmap for restoration efforts to synthesize environmental principles, cultural values and spiritual insights in creating meaningful change for ecosystems and communities alike.

Roots for Change: Using Values Culture and Spirituality to Restore Ecosystems

January 2024
Authors: Karenna Gore, Gopal Patel and Andrew Schwartz

“Roots for Change” is the culmination of a multi-year process in which CEE conducted research, hosted grassroots dialogues and organized high-level consultations with communities around the globe. The report outlines 10 guiding principles for engaging the VCS framework in ecosystem restoration initiatives. Recognizing the intricate relationship connecting human health, cultural heritage, spiritual traditions and the environment, the principles provide actionable strategies to engage communities, accelerate restoration projects and promote long-lasting solutions. 

Values, Culture and Spirituality: Ecosystem Restoration Conversation Guide

December 2022; Updated March 2024
Authors: Lauren Van Ham and Andrew Schwartz 

This guidebook has been created by the United Religions Initiative and the Center for Earth Ethics to help faith communities around the world restore their communities and their ecosystems. It is rooted in the wisdom from the 2022 Values, Culture, and Spirituality consultation series organized by the Center for Earth Ethics to support the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. 

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