Our Vision

The Center for Earth Ethics envisions a world where value is measured according to the sustained well-being of all people and our planet.

Our Mission

We work to cultivate the public consciousness needed to make changes in policy and culture that will establish a new value system that is based on this vision of the world.

Programs Intro

We advance our mission through four core programs that complement and connect to each other in all our public programs, academics and movement-building.



Fostering educational opportunities and dialogue about humanity’s relationship to the rest of the natural world for seminary students, faith leaders and local communities.

Environmental Justice
& Civic Engagement

Working at the intersection of social inequity and injustice and the ecological crisis.

Original Caretakers

Honoring, supporting and learning from indigenous knowledge and traditions, especially regarding the spiritual dimensions of our ecological crisis.

& Global Affairs

Engaging with policy-makers and civil society in order to bring faith, wisdom and indigenous traditions to bear on the establishment of a new economic development paradigm that is based on long-term well-being of all life on Earth.

Events Intro

Upcoming events.


Ministry in the Time of Climate Change: A Multifaith Approach

June 5-7, 2017

The Center for Earth Ethics is once again partnering with The Climate Reality Project to train 40 faith leaders at Union Theological Seminary, June 5-7, to better address the ecological crisis in their own communities. Ministry in the Time of Climate Change requires an open-hearted approach to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

Paradigm Shifts Film and Performance Festival

June 13-17, 2017

Music and Cinema come together to celebrate true stories of courageous change-makers from around the world who are preserving our Planet, Oceans and Wildlife. Dedicated to bridging indigenous cultures, women’s wisdom, and the global environmental movement, each film is paired with vocalists, musicians and dancers, performing a variety of music from jazz and gospel, to classical, folk, African, Tibetan, Native American, and contemporary opera and chamber music. Learn more →

Rome – Assisi Spirituality & Sustainability Conference

Follow us as we travel to Rome and Assisi this summer to meet with thought leaders who possess an ecological-spiritual perspectives intent on changing the world. We will draw inspiration from Thomas Berry, St. Francis and St. Clare, from the papal encyclical on ecology Laudato Si’, from the Earth Charter, and from the work of leaders in spirituality and sustainability. Together, we will explore strategies to deepen and implement the United Nations new development agenda, and to protect and nurture sacred places. We will dialogue on how we can work together on the way forward toward a just, sustainable, and peaceful future that will support human development for all in a flourishing Earth community.

More to Come

More to come! Stay tuned for additional website updates in the coming weeks.