Centering the Earth

The Center for Earth Ethics works at the intersection of values, ethics and ecology to confront the ecological crisis.

Values, Culture & Spirituality Series

Our consultations support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration program

Freedom of Religion or Belief for Indigenous Peoples

October 26 forum addressed the report to the UN General Assembly.

Earth Day 2022: Life Force

Our April 2022 gathering celebrated creativity and a climate-safe future

Shifting Policy and Culture

The Center for Earth Ethics works to change the dominant value system from one based on short-term material gain — no matter the pollution, depletion and inequity that result — to one based on the long-term health of the whole community of life.

Through education, convening and advocacy, we engage individuals and communities to raise public consciousness as well as shift policy and culture.

Areas of Focus

CEE encourages necessary changes in our culture and public policy, cultivates a more expansive and inclusive public consciousness, and promotes values that prioritize the well-being of all people and our planet.

We connect with individuals and groups through four areas of focus.

Ecology, Spirituality & Faith

We offer programs that engage faith leaders and communities to explore the moral and spiritual dimensions of the climate crisis.

Environmental Justice & Civic Engagement

We connect with frontline communities, helping them to raise public consciousness and create positive change.

Indigenous Wisdom, Values & Rights

We amplify and engage with Indigenous wisdom to reorient society back toward nature and shape a more eco-centric world.

Sustainability & Global Affairs

We engage with national and multilateral organizations to support thriving communities and promote planetary health.

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