A Message to Pope Francis – Rescind the Doctrine of Discovery

Last June several CEE staff traveled to Rome and Assisi to take part in the Rome/Assisi Conference on Spirituality and Sustainability. CEE was one of the conveners along with Center for Ethics.

Part of that dialogue included speaking truth about the role the Catholic Church played in the genocide of Indigenous People’s throughout the Americas and the erasure of their culture, religion, and traditions. The Papal Bull of 1493, and the Doctrine of Discovery which grew out of it, gave clemency to and encouraged Christopher Columbus and all subsequent explorers to the Americas to subdue, kill, and enslave any pagans and natives they met along the way.

While in Rome, CEE Fellow Lyla June Johnston delivered a message to Pope Francis, asking him to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery.

Special thanks to Ashley Young for filming and editing the video! You can see more of her work at www.somedayfire.com and on her YouTube channel