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Eagle and Condor Consciousness: An Evening with Three Thinkers in the Native Way

This event is free and open to the public.

For thousands of years Indigenous people throughout the world have lived in ways that maintained a balance between human life and the life of all other beings. Over time, the dominant mode of human consciousness became an anthropocentric or human centered consciousness that disrupted the delicate balance and left behind the other mode of consciousness that was equally humanity’s endowment.

Please join us and experience a dialogue among three people whose lives are deeply rooted in traditional Native nonverbal thinking but who are able to beautifully translate into anthropocentric language the experience of the Native holistic consciousness. The dialogue will explore such subjects as ceremony; the “I” as “the we” way of thinking; the awareness of balance and blessing; and the consciousness of all beings including those beings that anthropocentric thinkers have defined as lacking consciousness. Their perspectives reach deep into the heart of an emerging consciousness that is both ancient and new.


Tiokasin Ghosthorse, (Cheyenne River Lakota). Founder, host, and executive producer of “First Voices Radio”, a weekly program syndicated to 70 radio stations in the US and Canada.

Mindahi Bastida Muñoz (Otomi) Director of the “Original Caretakers Program.” Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary.

Geraldine Patrick Encina (Mapuche descent), Scholar in Residence at the Center for Earth Ethics.

With Reflections by:  Aliou Cissé Niang, New Testament faculty at Union Theological Seminary and native of Senegal West, Africa

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