Faith + Food Coalition Publishes Report on Women in MENA Region

During the recently concluded United Nations Climate Conference, or COP27, the Faith + Food Coalition formally issued a new report, “Building MENA Climate Resilience: Engaging Women of Faith in Food Systems Transformation.” This report summarizes a May 2022 dialogue among local women leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region that was organized by the Faith + Food Coalition, the Alliance of NGOs and CSOs for South-South Cooperation (ANSSC) and Global One 2015.

The May dialogue focused on women of faith confronting the challenges of food security and climate change in the region. The women who participated are leaders within their communities, who agreed to participate in the hope that their voices, their actions, and issues they raised will lead to meaningful change. This report highlights key challenges and insights that emerge from their lived experiences. In the long term, recommendations and insights from this report will be indispensable in developing the pathway to sustainable food systems within the MENA region.

The report was compiled by Dr. Marium Husain, president of the Islamic Medical Association of North America, Steve Chiu, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s representative to the United Nations, Amel Lakhdari, founder of the MENA Women’s Coalition, and Andrew Schwartz, director of sustainability and global affairs at the Center for Earth Ethics.

Download the report.

Watch the COP27 Report Announcement.