A Consultation on Cities: Mombasa, Kenya

A Consultation on Cities: Mombasa, Kenya
Tuesday, July 26, 2022
5 a.m. San Francisco | 8 a.m. New York | 2 p.m. Paris | 3 p.m. Mombasa


The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030) identifies urban ecosystems as “radical transformations of natural areas” to serve a quality of life that modern society have come to expect and rely on. The UN Decade calls for greater commitments from civic groups and municipal authorities to set ambitious and innovative targets and fast-track sustainable urban ecosystems.

On Tuesday, July 26, at 8 a.m. (New York time), the Center for Earth Ethics will host a zoom event, “A Consultation on Cities: Mombasa, Kenya,” that will address truly sustainable urban ecosystems. This consultation will focus on sharing knowledge with the city’s social and faith leaders — predominantly from Muslim, Hindu and Christian religious traditions.

Speakers include:

  • Jenifer Situma – Ecosystem Conservator, Mombasa County
  • Simran Khataw – Environmental ConsultantMbaarak Abdallah – Director & Founder, Brain Youth Group
  • Chris Elisara – Co-Director WEA Sustainability Center & Lead for the Studio for Placemaking at the Ormond Center, Duke Divinity School
  • Azmaira Alibhai (moderator) – Faith & Ecosystems Coordinator, UN Environment Programme Faith for Earth Initiative
 The participants will highlight the duty of care for their vibrant urban ecosystem: What does “ecosystem restoration” look like in Mombasa? What role do houses of worship and faith-based institutions can play in creating more green spaces with cities? And what benefits do houses of worship and faith-based institutions bring to the regeneration movement?


This consultation is the third consultation in the series, Values, Culture and Spirituality, organized by CEE in collaboration with the UNEP’s Faith for Earth Initiative, will host a conversation to support the UN Decade’s efforts by spotlighting restoration projects around the world. Previous consultations have examined air in St. James Parish, Louisiana and water in India’s River Yamuna.



NB. This post has been updated to include the list of speakers.