Contrasting Energies: Reflections on the UN Biodiversity Conference

The United Nations Biodiversity Conference (COP15) was held December 7-19  in Montreal. Having studied environmental issues for both my bachelor’s and master’s degree, COP (Conference of the Parties) has been part of my vocabulary for years. I have always learned about the outcomes, especially from the climate COPs, but this time, I was fortunate to attend COP15 and track the negotiations for the Global Biodiversity Framework, the agreement debated on by government representatives before it was handed over for final debate by ministers, in addition to watching events that centered around topics of faith-based work, ecosystem restoration, finance, and empowering

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Can the World’s Religions Help Save Us from Ecological Peril?

Executive Director Karenna Gore is profiled in “Can the World’s Religions Help Save Us from Ecological Peril?,” the feature story in the Winter 2022-23 issue of Columbia Magazine.  In the article, Paul Hond describes the work of Gore and other scholars and advocates who believe that a spiritual connection to nature is essential for environmental recovery. “The air in our lungs, the water we drink, the soil, the sunshine that nourishes the life forms that comprise the food that we eat,” Gore is quoted in the article. “We all depend on the health of the biosphere.” READ MORE

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