This is a Good Day – A Message for Summer Solstice

“This is a good day,” says Mona Polacca. “This is a good day to come together.”

In this blessing recorded to mark the summer solstice, Polacca, a senior fellow at the Center for Earth Ethics, reminds us of “the many blessings that the summer season brings to us.”

“We are seeking that good blessing to walk in balance and harmony,” she says. “We want to be in balance with all these things that we share life with on Mother Earth.”

Polacca leads the CEE’s Original Caretakers program, which engages Indigenous knowledge and traditions to address the spiritual and practical dimensions of environmental devastation. She is also president of the Turtle Island Project, a member of the Healing the Border Project of the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders, and a founding member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.