Sanna Marinin luennolle jonotettiin sateessa New Yorkissa – ”Viimeksi Jay-Z oli näin suosittu”

Originally Published March 7, 2020  – Ilta~Sanomat, Finnish with English translation available

The audience praised the Finnish Prime Minister for her standing.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s (sd) lecture on Friday caused a public outcry at Columbia University in New York.

  • Watch the video for the full performance of Sanna Marin at Columbia University.

Despite the rain, students queued up to hear the world’s youngest female Prime Minister. According to the university, the 430-seat lecture hall was quickly exhausted, and the waiting list for potential vacancies was long.

One university employee recalled that American rapper Jay-Z was the last to gain similar popularity.

Marin lectures on welfare society, sustainable development and the fight against climate change. He repeatedly received spontaneous applause from the audience during his performance.

Marin emphasized that the actions of individual people alone are not enough to solve the problem, but that political decisions are needed to combat climate change.

“Individual acts are important, but the problem is not solved by replacing plastic bags with paper bags,” the Prime Minister said, referring to the ban on plastic bags that came into effect in New York at the beginning of the month, and made the audience laugh.

Yleisö seuraa Sanna Marinin luentoa.
The audience following Sanna Marin’s lecture. Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa / Journal

The lecture received praise from the audience

At the end of the lecture, the audience applauded Marin for standing up.

– The lecture was really good and he was very inspiring, I really liked it, said 23-year-old Sayali Nagwekar .

Her friend Rachel Adeney , 29, said the same thing.

– It was really inspiring to see such a young and identifying woman in such a position.

Rachel Adeney and Sayali Nagwekar

Photo: Heikki Saukkomaa / Journal, Rachel Adeney and Sayali Nagwekar,