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CEE recognizes that an ecological society will require local, national, and international action to challenge economic paradigms that emphasize short-term profit over planetary health and thriving communities. We hold observer status at the United Nations through the Economic and Social Council and belong to movements such as the Big Shift Coalition which seeks the systemic change necessary to avert further ecological collapse. CEE is also an affiliate center at the Earth Institute of Columbia University.

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Meet Andrew Schwartz

Andrew is Director of Sustainability and Global Affairs.
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Our Work: UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Consultations 2022

To support the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, the Center for Earth Ethics is hosting the Values, Culture, and Spirituality Series to spotlight restoration projects around the world. These projects are  grounded in a sense of place, culture & spirituality. We believe this approach is crucial for mobilizing action. The more we relate to nature through the lens of values, culture and spirituality, the deeper and more sustained our actions will be.

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Our Work: Faith + Food Coalition:

In 2021, to contribute to the UN Food Systems Summit, the Faith + Food Coalition hosted five interfaith, multilateral dialogues to examine food systems problems and solutions through the lens of faith and ethics. Read the coalition’s final report and see highlights from the series.

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Global Support for UNEA Plastics Treaty Brings Hope

During the closing plenary session of the fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly, or UNEA 5.2, earlier this year, representatives gave a standing ovation for the passing of a resolution: “End Plastic Pollution: Towards an Internationally Legally Binding Instrument.” In order to understand how groundbreaking this really is,… Read more

CEE Hosts “A Consultation on Air” – Tuesday, April 26

A Consultation on Air: St. James Parish Tuesday, April 26, 2022 8 a.m. San Francisco | 11 a.m. New York | 5 p.m. Paris REGISTER TODAY! The global community is learning quickly about the perils of plastic pollution. It is not just the plastic waste that litter the world’s oceans,… Read more

Values, Culture and Spirituality in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Fireside Chat: Values, Culture and Spirituality in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration Virtual Event — Monday, April 11, 2022 8 a.m. Los Angeles | 11 a.m. New York | 5 p.m. Paris | 6 p.m. Nairobi What does it take to heal the planet? Some might look to finance, knowledge… Read more

Karenna Gore: “Faiths Respond to Stockholm+50”

I was grateful for the opportunity to speak at a dialogue, “Faiths Respond to Stockholm+50,” organized by Faith for Earth Initiative of the United Nations Environment Program on March 4, 2022. Below is an extended version of my remarks.  * * * * * * Thank you for the opportunity to… Read more

Faith for Earth Aims to Shape Global Environmental Policy

Faith for Earth Dialogue Online Monday, February 21 – Friday, March 4 ——— The next few weeks could prove decisive for global environmental policymaking. The fifth session of the United Nations Environment Assembly will be held online and in Nairobi, Kenya, from February 28 through March 2. Hosted by the UN Environment Programme,… Read more

The Metaphysics of COP26: A Brief Reflection

“Power must be challenged by power,” wrote Reinhold Niebuhr in “Moral Man and Immoral Society,” and so it felt during the COP26 gathering in Glasgow. There were the representatives of the world’s most powerful governments and the lobbyists who do so much to maintain business as usual (a data analysis identified 503… Read more

Gore to Deliver Opening Address at International Scholars Climate Conference on October 29

“Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change: Perspectives from Religion and Politics” Friday, October 29, 2021 – Online 7:15 a.m. New York | 12:15 p.m. Scotland | 1:15 p.m. Paris On Friday, October 29, at 12:15 p.m. British Summer Time (7:15 a.m. in New York), Karenna Gore, executive director of… Read more

Aliou Niang to Discuss Postcolonial Biblical Criticism on November 5

Postcolonial Poetics: Aliou Niang on the Human-Nature Relationship Friday, November 5, 2021 – Online 9 a.m. Los Angeles | 12 p.m. New York | 4 p.m. Dakar | 5 p.m. Paris REGISTER TODAY How can we understand the Bible and other faith teachings in the context of today’s ecological crisis?… Read more

The Time for Action Is Now: A Reflection for World Food Day

Tomorrow is World Food Day. World Food Day began in 1979 to raise global awareness on poverty and hunger. This year, it is being observed just a few weeks after the end of the United Nations Food Systems Summit, the culmination of 18 months spent gathering information from stakeholders around… Read more

Interfaith Reflection Read at UN Food Systems Summit

Interfaith Reflection United Nations Food Systems Summit Thursday, September 23, 2021 New York Our story of food is one of sacred joy. Values of interdependence, sharing, dignity and empathy are enshrined in all traditions’ understanding of food as a universal human right.  Food serves as a sacred reminder of the… Read more