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CEE recognizes that an ecological society will require local, national, and international action to challenge economic paradigms that emphasize short-term profit over planetary health and thriving communities. We hold observer status at the United Nations through the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and belong to movements such as the Big Shift Coalition which seeks the systemic change necessary to avert further ecological collapse. CEE is also an affiliate center at the Earth Institute of Columbia University.

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Meet Andrew Schwartz

Andrew is CEE’s Director of Sustainability and Global Affairs
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Interfaith Reflection Read at UN Food Systems Summit

Interfaith Reflection United Nations Food Systems Summit Thursday, September 23, 2021 New York Our story of food is one of sacred joy. Values of interdependence, sharing, dignity and empathy are enshrined in all traditions’ understanding of food as a universal human right.  Food serves as a sacred reminder of the… Read more

Sustainable, Equitable, Resilient: An Ethical Approach to Global Food Systems

More than 800 million people worldwide could go hungry by 2030. At the same time, agriculture accounts for a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural practices damage global biodiversity. We cannot solve climate and biodiversity crises without solving the crisis in global food systems. The United Nations Food Systems… Read more

Faith + Food Coalition Interfaith Statement for the United Nations Food Systems Summit

Editor’s Note: The Faith + Food Coalition, of which the Center for Earth Ethics is a member, issued the following Interfaith Statement in advance of the United Nations Food Systems Summit, which will be held on September 23 during the General Assembly in New York.  Click here if you would… Read more

Faith + Food Coalition to Issue Interfaith Statement before UN Food Summit

“Food is both a building block of life and a basic human right.” This fundamental truth underpins the “Interfaith Statement” for the United Nations Food Systems Summit, which will be presented at a virtual launch on Friday, September 17, at 11 a.m. EDT. REGISTER NOW The Statement is the culmination… Read more

UN Environment Programme Grants Accreditation to CEE and Union

The United Nations Environment Programme has accredited Union Theological Seminary through the Center for Earth Ethics. Accreditation grants Union observer status and other privileges at the United Nations Environment Assembly and its subsidiaries. The Center for Earth Ethics initiated the accreditation process and is Union’s official connection with this UN… Read more

Faith + Food Coalition: Reflections for WHO Health Week – June 10th

The Faith + Food Coalition: ‘Faith and Food: Reflections for WHO Health Week’ Thursday, June 10th, 11 am ET To contribute to the UN Food Systems Summit, the Faith + Food Coalition hosted five separate interfaith, multi-stakeholder dialogues corresponding to each of the five Action Tracks. The objective of the dialogues… Read more

Faith + Food Dialogues Series Registration is Open!

Faith + Food Dialogues ~ May 6th – June 3rd A series of independent dialogues hosted by the Faith and Food Coalition to contribute to the United Nations Food Systems Summit. Food sits at the center of our lives. From a meal on the go to a holiday spent around… Read more

Seven Weeks for Water 2021, Holy Week: “Healing the water heals the wounds of the earth and its people”

The seventh and last reflection of the Seven Weeks for Water 2021 of the WCC’s Ecumenical Water Network is written by Andrew Schwartz.* In the following reflection during Holy Week, he is using a small town in the USA as a case study to emphasise how local communities can take small initiatives to “resurrect” the contaminated… Read more

Watch: Faith + Food Coalition opens dialogues with livestream

The Center for Earth Ethics is so excited about the Faith + Food Coalition Dialogue Series – we hosted a livestream conversation Friday, March 26th! Check out our conversation with CEE Executive Director Karenna Gore, Sustainability and Global Affairs Program Director Andrew Schwartz, Original Caretakers Program Senior Fellow Mona Polacca and Director of… Read more

The UN Secretary-General —  Remarks for the ONE PLANET SUMMIT 

THE UN SECRETARY-GENERAL  —  REMARKS FOR THE ONE PLANET SUMMIT    11 January 2021    [All English version]    Dear friends,    2021 must be the year to reconcile humanity with nature.    Until now, we have been destroying our planet.     We have been abusing it as if we… Read more