Religious organizations and people of ethical conviction have a tremendous role to play in creating a just and equitable future.

Through our Eco-Ministry initiative, CEE connects faith leaders within and across traditions with environmental leaders in order to drive change at the local, national and global levels. We also strive to recognize the work of people who tend the earth as ministers: moral leaders full of experiential knowledge, whose voices should be heard by policy-makers and people of conscience.

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Meet Karenna Gore

Karenna is Director of CEE and an attorney, advocate, writer and educator.
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September Musings

  September, you need a makeover. You need a name change, first of all. Your name literally means 7, yet when we write the date on government documents, we have to mislabel you as month number 9. All because some Christians thought it would be cute to make the coldest,… Read more

Prayer of Thanks for Creation

Leader :    Let us pray.   Thank you, God, Thanks for beauty: The twinkle in an older person’s eye, A child’s shout of laughter; Thanks for the greening trees and frozen waterfalls, Stunning buildings and flowerbeds in summer. All:    Thanks for beauty.   Thank you, God, Thanks for creativity:… Read more