Workshop by Poppy Jones for children, talking about Acorn and the Oak Tree at Musical Seeds event. September 2017.

Musical Seeds 2017!

Greetings, Peace and Blessings !

Hello everyone, the event at Union, Musical Seed’s was big fun!

I gave a presentation on Acorns as an important “seed ” source and one of the most abundant food sources there is!

Acorns have all the trace minerals  such as calcium, magnesium and zinc, as well as proteins. The nut to shell ratio is about 90%, which speaks of the amount of food available.

White Oak Tree Acorn.







Oak tree is a source of abundant wood and medicine and also it is the main food source for deer, bear, turkey, squirrel among others. It also keeps the whole ecosystem functioning.

Cross section of Acorn.


Red Oak and White Oak are two of the most abundant oaks trees in the northeast of Turtle Island.

School teachers should know about this abundant food source and talking about this in the class would teach children and their families to respect the forest as part of their home, not a separate entity but as part of the whole.