CEE Fall 2020 Newsletter – Intro to Climate Week

Dear Friends,

2020 has been extraordinary so far and there are more challenges ahead. We hold dear the knowledge that we do in fact ‘belong to the Earth’ and to that end will continue on a path of education, dialogue and movement-building to adjust our value systems accordingly. The Center for Earth Ethics works in places of intersection where theologians, ecologists, educators, front-line actors and wisdom keepers of many faiths and others can join together to share this work. 

Now is the time to understand our role in the times we are in.

We invite you to join us in affirming our solidarity with the Earth as we move into Climate Week 2020 and into the fall election season beginning with tomorrow’s online event Ecology & Ecumenicity.

~ The Center for Earth Ethics Team

Join Us…

A Spiritual and Moral Response to the Climate Crisis

Center for Earth Ethics Director, Karenna Gore

September 19th, 10 am – Livestream


How do we understand the climate crisis from a spiritual and moral perspective?
What personal and societal change is needed for a sustainable future? What specific things can I do to make a difference?

CEE Joins NYC Climate Week in Actions &
Commitment to Racial Justice 

Climate Week NYC is kicking off with a march on
Sunday, September 20th at 1 pm, gathering at “Columbus Circle.”

This gathering is to make clear that we cannot achieve climate justice without racial justice and to set the agenda to keep the work of racial justice centered as we work for Cliamte Justice for our Home.
Building movements for racial, economic, and climate justice in NYC requires using every tool we have available – be that voting, completing the census, holding elected officials accountable, and mobilizing mass actions. JOIN the March for Science rally if you can, and work to support these initiatives online –
wherever you are.


Vote! Vote! Vote!

Vote like our planet depends on us!

Visit the Poor People’s Campaign Website

Watch ‘Voting is Power Unleashed!’
Train to Become a Poll Monitor
Spread the Word ~ Do M.O.R.E.

The Prophetic Pledge is a call for at least 1000 faith and community organizations to come together and pledge to each turnout 1000 people to vote. These organizations will identify a team of people to be trained as M.O.R.E. Organizers. Building a new electorate will require a mass wave of political participation. Faith and community organizations that sign on to the Prophetic Pledge are signing on to help build a movement that votes with the power we need to hold our elected officials accountable to the policy agenda that we are demanding. Click here to take the Prophetic Pledge.

The Center for Earth Ethics has been participating in the Climate Crisis Policy review of climate bills and legislation for 2021. This month, CCP discussed the Environmental Justice for All Act – Improving Lives of Marginalized Communities.

Sponsored by Rep. Raul Grijlav (D-AZ) House Natural Resources Committee Chair Rep. Raul Grijalva is leading forums on Facebook Live to promote the “Environmental Justice for All Act,” which he and Rep. A. Donald McEachin (D-VA.) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) introduced.
Read the fact sheet.

If you missed the CCP call and would like to learn more about this legislation, or how you can mobilize with other members of the faith community for climate action, email us at [email protected].

Take the pledge!


Resources and Reads For These Times:

CEE Fellow, Catherine Coleman Flowers’ new book
Waste: One Woman’s Fight Against America’s Dirty Secret

“Catherine Coleman Flowers’s life story is a testament to the importance of sustained activism, a compassionate heart bound by justice, and a commitment to political clarity informed by the dark annals of history. If you care about environmental justice, racial justice, and class reckoning, this book is a lodestar.”
— Regina Hall, actor and environmental activist with The Solutions Project

Available to Pre-Order NOW!


What Can You Do to Fight the Climate Crisis?

Catherine Coleman Flowers & more

60 Days to Save the Earth, The Guardian


Deep Water Mining – What’s really going on in our Oceans?

by CEE’s Andrew Schwartz


Earth Charter and Ecological Civilization Webinar Series

Values & Worldviews: Ecological Civilization as Mutual Flourishing


Marching Toward Change

Faith & Governance in the Movement for THE RIGHTS OF NATURE

by Mari Margill