Month: April 2017

On April 29, We’ll March For Climate Justice

By Patrick Carolan, CEE Senior Fellow and Executive Director of the Franciscan Action Network  ·  Huffington Post  ·  April 17, 2017

Climate justice is, for people of faith, a profoundly spiritual, ethical, and moral issue.

Much of the work we do at the Franciscan Action Network is centered around promoting justice and peace. Our work cannot be done outside of the context of climate change, and we cannot wait for our elected officials to sound the alarm, especially now, when we are faced with an administration that chooses to ignore and deny the reality of a warming planet. This is why we are marching together with many within the faith communities at the People’s Climate Movement on Saturday April 29th to elevate the urgent message of acting on climate justice.

For decades now, the impact of human activity on our planet has been evident, especially for those living in poverty or in otherwise vulnerable conditions. Extreme weather events have resulted and continue to result in the destruction of property, food shortage, displacement, and disease. In the developed world, most of us have the resources to combat these threats or, more likely, do not experience them at all. But for many in the developing world, climate change simply leads to rampant suffering. According to our faith, we are stewards of God’s creation, called to care for all life on this planet. To allow so many to suffer, to stand by as our resources become scarce and tainted, to watch as the planet that has sustained us for so long struggles to survive is inarguably immoral.

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